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The following is a letter written in response to an offensive letter that has been making the rounds on the internet via e-mail.  I revieved this letter myself and was offended but did not take action in writing a response.  My Brother has written what I feel is an appropriate response that clearifies what our country is about and cuts through the "BAND WAGON" mentality that has over taken us.  Please read this and share any comments with us by dropping us a note on the discussion page or on the Team Gold Bond E-Mail.

Man w/flag on moon, Apollo 11


Regarding the article on aledged patriotism:
 1)  We are all immigrants, even the native Americans
 came from somewhere else.  We all brought our
 culture from foreign lands.  America was founded on FREEDOM
 not Christianity!!!  Christianity came across the
 Atlantic just as Native American religion came
 across the land bridge from Asia.  
 2)  This idea of America being a multi cultural community has served only to
 dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. I defy you or anyone else to produce even one trace
 of evidence that this is true.  The implication in this
 sentence is clear, "White Christians are OK,everyone
 else is a burden on society."  Why don't we get out
 the white sheets, I'm sure the KKK would agree with
 this sick and perverse lie!
 3)   You said, "We speak ENGLISH, not Spanish,
 Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or
 any other language."
 YES WE DO!  What rock are you living under. 
 AMERICANS do speak all those languages and more! 
 You left off Lakota and Navaho, languages which saved
 our butts in WWII.  I dare to remind you that when your
 ancestors came to American they continued to speak
 their native language for many years, and only
 stopped as a result of WWI and the stigma of anything
 German.  My wife and I speak Mandarin Chinese, and I am proud
 of that.  It is a part of her culture, and now mine.
 We do speak Chinese in public at times, and if you
 really want to know that I am telling her she is
 beautiful in the check-out line at Wal-mart, you can
 go out and learn Chinese the way other countries
 learn English!
 4)  You said, "If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the
 world as your new home, because God is part of our culture."
 It is precisely because of this kind of close-minded
 intolerance that our founding fathers came to this
 continent!  I'll bet you'd be offended if Muslim
 prayers were said at school, or if schools posted
 Zen Buddhism stories.  Our founding fathers were smart
 enough to know that religion and government don't
 mix! Give the people the right to practice any religion
 they see fit, and keep the government out of it! 
 you want to live in a country that is Christian only
 (or English only for that matter) why don't YOU
 leave and move to some intolerant theocracy ruled by
 radical religious leaders!  Besides the writer of this
 article is telling you a lie, our national motto is "Our
 Freedoms We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain",
 not "In God We Trust", that is on our money as a
 result of abandoning the gold and silver standard.
 If I were you I wouldn't trust anyone to give me advice
 about civics who obviously knows nothing about US
 History!  Or is it more sinister?  Is it that the
 truth is getting in the way of his message of hate,
 so he makes things up and twists the truth to convince
 you that his/her attack on American fundamentals is
 in fact patriotism. 
 I must say that articles like this offend me so much
 I can't even think.  The idea that something so UN-
 AMERICAN would call itself patriotic is disgusting. 
 I am proud of my country.  I am proud of our freedom
 and proud of our diversity.  I will defend my country to
 the death from those who would take away my freedom
 or dilute the protections of the constitution!  The
 idiot who wrote this article is clearly setting his sights
 on anything not white or Christian.  This is an
 attack on my freedom and the freedom of my countrymen, and
 I will rise up to defend her!  Religious and ethnic
 intolerance needs to be stamped out in America!  I
 don't care what religion you want to practice, or
 language you want to speak, but don't you dare tell
 me what I should do!!!  
 My country is under attack all right, but not from
 O'Sama.  My country is under attack from both the
 elements in power who would like to dilute the
 constitution, and from the racist elements who want
 to use 9/11 as an excuse to turn America Land of the
 Free into America Do it My Way or Get Out!  We must all
 be vigilant against these subtle attacks.  That is how> Nazi Germany started, buy preaching intolerance of
 Jews and others who weren't "German" enough, just
 like this article!!!!  Let the Government use it's
 resourses to protect us as best it can against
 organized para-military attack, and let us, the
 American people fight to protect our freedom and way
 of life from those among us who use lies and
 emotional appeals to spread their message of hate and
 The price of freedom is vigilance!!!!!!!!  Don't
 fall under the spell of those spreading hate.  They will
 tell lies and half-truths and appeal to your
 emotion, like this profane article.  The logic in the writers
 arguments would earn a failing grade in any Jr. High
 English class!  It appeals to emotion of those who> are
 unable or unwilling to stop and think what the true
 meaning of his/her message is, HATE.


I encourage you to read this artical, and send it to others.  This country is struggling with its own foundation.  This is not a time to change our ideals and become rasics, or become closed minded to the beliefs of others that we don't understand or even understand.  This is a time to learn from our own history and focus on the true enemy amoung us.
If you would care to recieve a copy of the letter that this is in response to, send a request to Team Gold Bond at our e-mail address and I will send you a copy.